• Down to Agony - El sueño de vernos caer
  • Down to Agony - Split Fall of Efrafa
  • Down to Agony - Requiem por un mundo enfermo
  • Down to Agony - No Vida


Tired of failure’s lucidity. Tired of enjoying it.
Tired of creating hells by getting into the desert.through a well
Tired of soaking my bones. Tired of getting burnt by the awful rain.
Tired of sinister reflections at midnight and at dawn.
Tired of writing just under uncertainty’s shelter.

Let´s get out of here

Let’s get out of here

Trains leave on time
And remark their route
At the same station
Where they did it yesterday and the day before

Too much burden on me
The Sun only sets when bodies
Are completely exhausted from crying out for help
For eternity and wasted time
And nobody listens to them, nobody understands them
Nobody ever questions anything

I crushed my soul on concrete
Then I could see giants raising
To channel all life
And to protect every and all dreams

Aren’t these enough reasons,
To run away and leave everything behind?

Monument to broken clocks

I Need time to learn and understand
Just a bit more about all those songs
That scream memories at that impossible instant; and to burn

I Need time to walk around alleys
Searching for No Future Avenue and Bourbon Street

I Need time to devour old stories about drama and desire
Secret atmosphere defined by its endless desire to destroy; and to live

I Need time to cross frontiers
To check how the ruins sparkle, dazzle, but don’t convince anybody
And to sigh in relief because some bonfires can still warm you up; and shine

I Need time to gaze defiant into the space; and not to ask
I Need time to avoid looking forward or back; and to build our own story
I Need time to waste and devour it.

The dream of watch us fall

How can we talk
About the abyss subtlety
Which separates us more and more
And forces to run
Towards the limits of indifference
A Long-distance race,
An Upcoming crash

We are wolves
Howling against the values of what is expected
We howl silence and words
Dumb hyperboles which resound
On the deaf abysses of what is expected

In deep black we greet you
Showing you the dream of watching us fall
Goodbye, we say
It’s time to see the night coming
It’s time to believe again
In everything we deny
In everything we mistake
In everything we declare
In everything we desire

Drawing the impossible

Drowned in a whirl made from an unreal victory and an evening
I feel a shrinking world, a world which is bile
I feel I’m burning and dying, I feel it’s just the beginning

An obsession which supports the endless clockhands spin
Swallowed by the great spiral I am

(Where) The course of life is no more than closed doors,
Doors that slam in your face. Where deformed shadows
Inhabit and are conceived on a weak rough light.

Where screams are a whisper in the silence
Where opaque glasses draw an impossible catharsis
And its reflection questions this image

But we’ll be invisible, shadows lying in wait
That burn and are like smoke
At every corner deaf war drums will scream

While their echo whispers up to the roar
Changing sadness into passion, desperation into encouragement
The shackles of triviality on a sharp revenge.

The road’s dryness

How can I resist
Lost in this maze
Made out of distressing wait
And excessive forces

How will I face up so many battles
When I’ve abandoned myself long ago
To the daily pretext of avoiding defeat
And reafirming the road dryness

I won’t let myself fail again
On so many invisible moments
Where I will tiptoe over hell
Holding gales and fatigues

A hundread thousand runaway horses I will add
As a restless army
To distance all my demons
And drink a toast again and again

Hugging doubt’s disorder
And trying to equilibrate the rythm
Between euforia and discourage
To raise the infinite

Belong to us

Here lie hours

Encouraged by

Pieces of impatience
Fears and obsessions
Fragile pieces, maybe

But they always forget
That jumping into space with a net
Is much easier
than conquering the reflection of the world

Memories perpetuate a common road
where I was never alone
we defy logic
we never wasted an instant
not even on nights where
cold weather numbed and hurt

A swarm of doubts
Will threaten everything
We’ll get lost in the background music
even the ends of the world belong to us.

It wont be the last storm

I still remember the day I laughed
When I saw the sky collapsing and intimidating
I still have certain fear from the moment
I knew it won’t be the last storm

Because it only could encourage
The fall from the heights
Bet your life on a stroke of luck
during the endless wait for inspiration

Fear and memory chair
The table where,
enslaved and starving,
the fears and hopes stand

What undoubtedly is not so tragic

I already fell once, and several more
I paid my debt with the great disdain
I found myself lost; I found the north
I knew in advance that nothing is already written

Down to Agony

El sueño de vernos caer


In the void we are born and in the void we die
With succulent views to the opulent void
Where corpses pile up,
Where corpses drag, screaming
For rotten leftovers that never quench their hunger
Blaming and pointing in the wrong way
fire can’t burn the fireproof ideas
But neither we burn inside nor we rot outside any more

Requiem for a sick world

You´ve built upon the remains
Of an already sick world, eternity
Erecting walls, creating isolation
Stretching our faces until we smile
You wanted to give us a paradise
Which to adore and worship
Our time taken up
In decoding the meaning of strangers´ dreams
So many things with which reassert
Our already firm personality
Interrelating machine-humans
So that the world turns empty and everything keeps being the same
You should have aimed better.
No, you haven´t buried us, not yet
We still live, we still burn, we still love,
We still feel, we still cry, we still scream
We still crawl over endless nights with no truce

The silence of the shrivelled

You are not your own time owners; you won’t be able to deceive yourselves
Like old rags you wander, misery, absurd and devastated drama
Tired of walking through sad avenues
Filled up of sanes escaping from their own lives
Isolated in the monotony of not feeling anything but the void
Void that smashes your life, how does it feel?
Trapped in their clock dream, hand tied God
His conscience drowned in the road of martyrdom
We slide deviously with the mad
We don’t want your world; we don’t want your lives
We don’t want your boredom that only leads to death without life
And the silence of the shrivelled deafens your life
And the wasted years sting your retina showing your misery

No plans, no hope, no control

Cities flooded with corpses who were really never born
shape the landscape of a non-distorted reality.
The dream of the reason produces monsters
While the void feeds in the void
No plans, no hope, no control.
Just four walls, a drink in a hand and despair.

Down to Agony

Requiem por
un mundo enfermo

Where we will burn

Hundreds of thousands of hours burying illusions,
Excusing the present that we suffer
Hundreds of thousands of ideas recalling delirium,
Longing for the future where we will burn
Melted iron and mechanisms
Flow across body and soul
illusion buried with us
I want to kill the logic that mechanizes feelings
And exume the blurred passion
That got lost among all this artificial fog

The hands of the watch spin

The hands of the watch spin with a mournful rhythm
Hours filled with boredom and monomania
Scheduled feelings, halted
Tic tac, thus sounds death
When you are not your time's owner
They want to see us bored, entertained
immovable muse of feedbacked Power
Bullets can't go through intangible shit
But we would materialise some dreams

Down to Agony

Split Fall of Efrafa


I now start to understand everything I made obvious
Doubting when I saw the shadows made by the sun
And in the darkness caused by the brightness
I take cover on the subterfuge that I created and annihilated
With contradictory illusions from the past
Tracing the quarrel that took place in myself
And I lock myself on the uncertainty darkness
Drowned on the emptiness of my worst fears
Longing a calm lethargy that has to arrive
But only those tears knew the truth

Until the end

You fall endlessly to the dark feelings well
Black tears which aren't bought
Half-lights that you discern not without fear
Of continue falling, screaming until the end
Indifference to die burning
Frozen, past the adversity
Desperate, hating the hopeful
Tragedy is feeded by optimism
From those who know how to smile
When they don't have reasons to live

Walls of fear

Shredded blood spring, of broken dreams and smiles to erase
They play to hide the sun; decadence is raining in the twilight sea
Taken blows that time won't heal, fear is not a chance
Fog, darkness and your shelters don't exist, you see them, continue drifting
Bricks in which you draw a vague, imprecise figure, you still remind
Bars you'll break. You wont go out, change scenery, fears.
Submitted, kneeled down, not even shouting…
although your voice can't be heared

Dreams, fiction, reality

You feel realities which channel you into happiness
While on the other side feelings fight each other
Because of their ambiguous rest. It's the perfect excuse
To flirt with the death of their own freedom
And now you find yourself in a great deposit
Completely filled with water and lava
Tell me, do you swim or sink in hope?
You search exits to a daily cruelty
Understand that your lead feet sink in mud
But you never wanted to resign to continue flying
Keep seeking, will you find the truth?
Your gray matter turns into various colours, you contradict your own perception
And you know, there's nothing worse than fight against yourself
But in this, your theatre, aggressiveness increases your agony
In this great play, who decides your destiny?
Keep on dreaming

Edgeing the abyss

Fallen into silence because of resign unconsciously to an escape with no end
On which you see yourself subjected and on which you find
no return inside yourself
Your silence lies broken by tears you can't cry
Gripped by fear, submitted in a constant horror that makes you tremble
You await nothing, nothing matters to you,
You only wait the sun to set once and for all
And fall into a deep sleep in which
You'll dream not to dream and never wake up again
I know I'm not you, that I can't put myself in your place
That open wounds will never
That every day that goes through you die a bit more
But we both know that he has to expire
Make your rage come up, free yourself and make it end
Make him feel your hate, make him feel your rage
Not one day more
Take up the weapon named dignity

Welcome to the common grave

An iron jumble lays over your life
And in your eyes I can see a world that collapses
A sad and bitter cry because of what could have been
The Remains of something you dreamed, a life for which to fight for
Pillars collapsing, old ideas for a world that rejects them
You only see shadows and in your bubble there is no more oxygen
Laid up in reality and now you cannot change it
Enslaved with that you thought enjoy and need
The Earth staggers, there is lack of room in the common grave
They blinded you and now it's too late, you are a number more

Ethernal virus

The explosion made you deaf, or maybe it never existed
When nothing has sense without a breath sigh
Dying daily between mediocrity
Pendulums that swing between sadness and desolation
When distance gives obsession perspectives
Slaves of infinite and mortal time
And nothing has got sense without the possibility of waking up
From a nightmare so real, eternal virus
You can run away, run and not look back
or raise the sight, feel the pain and walk


We are not owners of our time, we march in the eyes of death
Daily and remunerately we set off like in extermination camps
Assimilating and protecting the false conscience of the pseudo happiness
The progress dream, slaves enjoying their non life
But the rage germen is still beating, desperate to escape
And some day their factories will raise in flames on their trembling eyes
Smoke rows will trace the path
Calm will be followed by storm, point of no return
Life will start when theirs vanish
And those faces praised from arrogance, pride and victory
They'll fade in the delirium of their own nightmare

Down to Agony

No Vida